Odd Bird Blues (or OBB for short) is the T-Shirts collection for every odd bird, weirdo and peculiar Rock'n'roll and Blues fan! A way for all of you out there to express how proud you are to be a misfit, while wearing a comfy and fine printed T-Shirt made in Berlin by passionate people. The whole brand has been developped here in Berlin, with the nur.Berlin team, to give you the top-notch prints and designs. So get on board, hop that train or meet us at the crossroads! Be the Odd Bird you always were anyway, and howl the Odd Bird Blues at the moon with us!

Skulls, Skeletons, and Blues.

All the designs in the Odd Bird Blues collection are the work of Greg (aka Fiasco Badmandry). This frenchie weirdo adopted Berlin as his new home a few years ago. Always working on his illustration work, and after a short time exploring the tattoo scene, he moved to textile printing. Skulls, Bones, Cats, Birds ... Fiasco has a few recurring themes he keeps drawing and reinterpreting. Multiplying references to his own passions: Blues, Ragtime or Rock'n'roll and old cartoons with light and yet sarcastic humor, you can now get printed on your T-Shirt.

T-shirts printed with love ... And a digital printer.

Greg (aka Fiasco Badmandry) doesn't only design all the Odd Bird Blues T-Shirts, he's also part of the nur.Berlin team. Textile printing is his job! Meaning he has his hands on pretty much every part of the production. Designing, positioning, operating the DTG machine, quality check, packing and shipping, he has an eye and a role in all the process. He wouldn't have it any other way. Being versed in DIY culture, Fiasco is convinced that keeping it simple also means giving the print work all his attention and competence. Being supported by nur.Berlin implies that all of the structure's standards apply to Odd Bird Blues. So when you get yourself one of the Odd Bird Blues T-Shirt, you're sure that your order is handled by true and local professionals. Come get yourself one, what'cha waitin' for?